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Itead pcb slots

Itead pcb slots microsdxc memory card slot basically i want to make a window or a slot in my PCB. . I don't know if this helps , but iTead do slots on their demonstration board so you might. Project: LCDNAV PCB - 8x2 LCD with 5 button navigator keypad. They do whatever cutout you draw, with a minimum slot of 1mm and. Author Topic: iTeadStudio and PCB cutouts (Read times) On the iTead site it says, "Drills line and long slot can't be accepted".

Itead pcb slots -

Line The spacing between tow line should be more than 6mil 0. I currently have it on the dimensions layers.. We get it now. For a long slot, you can draw two arcs, connect them with lines, all on the dimension layer. So maybe they change the soldermaske layer again — I have not get the assured response that if the operator modify the gerber but they promise to investigate and give me the reply. And also the 6mil will not a safe distance, more than 8mil is recommended.

Itead pcb slots -

Here is a quick visual of the type of CUT I am trying to make: The cooper aperture on the PAD should be more than 6mil 0. Sorry if it's a dumb question but English isn't their first language and board fabbing isn't mine. Likes to be thought of as. Please check them and re-send.

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