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Craps slang term

Craps slang term gamble fish raw read online The following is a glossary of terms used in the dice game craps. Besides the terms listed here, there are many common and uncommon craps slang terms. A glossary of the terms and slang used in a casino Craps game. Craps Dictionary and Terminology. This craps page will give you a rundown all the craps lingo and game related terms you might encounter at the craps table in .

: Craps slang term

Craps slang term The craps slang term wajas also used by the tetm to keep track of the total amount of money in the crwps. The felt covering the craps table where all the bets are marked and where the bets are made. Also called center field. Rail — The grooved area along the top of the craps table where chips are kept Right Bettor — A player who bets that the shooter will make the Point. Still Up Phrase stated often by dealers to remind players that a specific wager is still in play OR Marker A Marker is used for high-roller play when a player uses credit alreadyestablished at a particular casino.
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PLAY FREE SLOTS WITHOUT DOWNLOAD Little Joe A craps slang term of a hard 4 2 — 2 Loaded Dice Tfrm improperly weighted to influence the outcome craos the roll. Bank Craps — This is considered the proper name for the casino version of the game of craps. See Wrong Bettor for a further explanation. Fifty Yard Line The middle of the table. Also used by boxmanto keep track of the total money in the DROP. When you make two or more bets in an attempt to cover one another if one loses.

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